How to host the process

This is a rough guide to get you started. Modify it as you like!


Some key elements for the host are:








Key elements for people drawing to remember:


Notice any judgements that arise... "This is crap", "I'm a bad drawer"... see if you can let go of them, bring kindness to yourself. This isn't school. We're not going to grade your art. We'll not judge the art, or you. We just want to enjoy the process of you making unique marks on paper, like nobody else can!


Letting go of judgement, let's pick up curiosity. What am I noticing? What does it feel like to mark blank paper with this pen? What does this other person really look like? When I draw am I using my wrist, or my whole arm? What happens if I make bolder lines? How can I do something interesting with this "mistake"? Am I still breathing? Am I feeling fear? Joy?

Yep, this is pretty much mindful drawing...

Ok , let's do this!


This is a loose template - make it your own!

Approach two or more people


Kia ora, I’m getting 1000 people to draw each other for the community art project Drawn in.

Do you have 2 minutes to do a quick sketch of someone?

Over 500 people have drawn so far, from 4 years old to 70. Many haven’t drawn in 20 years.

It’s unlikely to be flattering. It’s likely to be hilarious. A big part of this is letting go of judgement - enjoying whatever comes out of your pen!

"Uh... Ok?"

Great! Here’s paper and pens.

First, write the name of the person you’re about to draw on your paper.

now “by”, and then your name.

(eg. Pete by Michelle)

Now, as a commitment to whatever you’re about to create, add your signature.

The drawing you do will be like your signature - totally unique.

Now take a deep breath. Sigh all the way out.
Look at the other person’s hair. Their ears. Their nose, cheeky smile, chin, neck, eyes

While they are looking at each other, read them a little poem:



Let it go,
Let it out,
Let it all unravel
Let it free,
And it will be,
A path on which to travel

(or read another poem of your choice)



You may now draw each other.
2 minutes starting now!

They draw. Hold a space of focus and humour. Maybe laugh with genuine joy at their drawings as they go. Encourage them. Exact timing isn't important.

You have 1 minute left

You have 30 seconds left

5... 4... 3... 2... 1... Pens down!

Let them see and enjoy each other's drawings.

Put their drawings next to each other, to see the uniqueness. Ask people to notice if there are judgements arising for them. Challenge them to let go of those judgements, and find curiosity and enjoyment in each drawing, including theirs.

If you want an invitation to the public exhibition, add your email to the list in the back of the sketchbook

Invite them to the exhibition, tell them they can keep up with the project and exhibition at

You can take their emails if they want to be invited to the exhibition.

Ka pai!