Next Exhibition Planning Underway…



Next Exhibition Planning Underway…


The exhibition was on at Thistle Hall for a week 

Over 450 people visited and over 350 people drew each other and had a meaningful, connecting experience.


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I'd love to meet your friends, whanau and colleagues, for them to see your delightful drawings and for them to have a creative and connective experience too!

One thousand people

had the courage and curiosity

to pick up a blue biro pen, a blank page

and have a crack

at drawing another human being

in two minutes.*

   *if you haven’t yet, you’ll have the opportunity at the exhibition!




growing trust and connection between strangers, colleagues, friends and whanau


Becoming a creator by overcoming doubt, judgement and stepping into the unknown

and sheer delight

because laughter can be the best medicine


It was

Hilarious / beautiful / challenging / fun / scary / energising / connecting / surprising / delightfulYou created

a unique little work of art, andpopping your bubble of familiarity, safety and routine

you created

a moment of connection

kanohi ki te kanohi (face to face)

with a stranger / your friend / colleague / child / parent / lover / grandma / spouse

in the train / plane / bus / beach / office / street / park / bar / restaurant / home

DI waterfront.jpg

I am

surrounded by hundreds of your delightful drawings

feeling grateful for the 1000 energising moments we created together

over the last two years.

DIspread1 2.jpg

Let’s celebrate!

with your friends & whanau

at your exhibition opening

on Wednesday 24th April from 5-10pm

I’d love you

to experience your exhibition!

it’s going to be delightful, playful, interactive, reflective, beautiful, connecting & welcoming to all people

What have we grown together?

A game that has created

1000 of the tiny moments

that together make a life

worth living

across Aotearoa

See you there

Peter Jacobson